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More Sentences and How to Get ’em In Your Brain and Why it Tastes Good Up There

Busy with final papers/exams, but I promise to get a lot of new stuff up in October! 

โทร มา ละ กัน – keep in touch 

**This is a great sentence and you will hear it a lot.  Its a friendly, informal way of ending a conversation…’lets talk again soon.’  It has no real expectation of calling.  It is NOT like saying “Call me tomorrow.”  Its much more casual and used as a ‘good-bye.’  Watch for it!

Probably used just as often is its counterpart โทรหาละกัน which means the same thing except you are saying you might be calling them sometime.  They are pretty much used interchangeably.  Listen for them.


ลงมา เปิดประตู ให้หน่อย come down(stairs) and open the door for me

The Sentence Project has a smaller version of this, but I was thinking more examples are needed as some people have trouble with this pattern.  

บอกเขาให้หน่อย  tell him/her for me 

Is this obvious?  Literally its like “give me the telling of him please,” so just forget about translating that nonsense.  Just memorize the sentence.  Did I mention how you should be learning these Sentence Project sentences?  Any way you can!  I’d suggest putting the English on the front side of your SRS flashcards and keep doing them daily until you can near-instananeously pull all 100ish sentences out of your ass.  If you have these sentences and you can pronounce most of them correctly, you will amaze your friends – locals and non alike.  All these sentences are colloquializations I’ve picked up from native speakers.  I don’t make this crap up.  Guessing is for people who want to speak a language like an idiot.  Copying isn’t good for tests and papers, but is the absolutely best way for learning languages.  Don’t say what they tell you to say, say what they say.  And don’t be discouraged if sometimes someone tells you one of these things is a bit strange.  Thats crap too.  Colloquialized language doesn’t always follow grammar textbook rules.  But thats ok too because we don’t like textbooks right?



  • ทำ ให้ หน่อย                do [verb] for me please
  • เขียน ที่ อยู่ ให้ หน่อย     write your address for me plz
  • แปลให้หน่อย                translate this for me plz
  • ถามเขาใ้ห้หน่อย            ask him/her for me plz 
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