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Sentence Project Update

Alright, well I thought I’d have finished by now, but its turning into more work than I had anticipated.  And its not as easy as I thought to pick out those everyday sentences.

Anyways, while I am still messing with the format to make it easier to view, you can view the progress on google docs here.  I’m probably going to get rid of the tones/notes column and put that info in as comments so when you mouse over the Thai words, it will pop up.  However, at the moment, you can’t change the font size of comments on Google docs, so its kinda hard to read.  Suggestions welcome.

  1. cat
    November 18, 2008 at 12:43 am

    Thanks for plodding on with the sentence project. I’m looking forward to seeing your choice of 100 sentences.

    I’m creating a learners dictionary with the top 3000 words, so I know how it can be. Fun on minute, tedium the next. But, it’s mostly interesting so I keep going.

    Putting your product into Google docs is a good idea for now, as it keeps the columns. You can export an excel spreadsheet to html and upload, but it wouldn’t look as nice as it does on Google docs.

    Btw – your A column seems to have disappeared since I looked at it last.

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