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Just Because

Thai has a whole mess of particles which are best learned in context as they are a bit difficult to translate and by having them explained to us we tend to overthink them.  So I’d be careful using these until you see how others do it.   

ไง – this word thrown on the end of a phrase can be used to imply that something is obvious already.   Think about the following:  

  Why didn’t you go?       ทำไมถึงไม่ได้ไป

  ::shrugs:: Didn’t feel like it.   ไม่อยากไปไง

It doesn’t need to mean ‘because,’ but it often does.  It can also come across as being a bit cheeky depending on the situation and how you say it.  

Q: How can you eat that stuff?  

A: ชอบไง – Well, um, I like it.

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