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LTfaWG Video 3

I went with much lower quality this time to make it easier to upload on youtube. Let me know if the previous versions are that much better and I can always do it that way. Anyways, unscripted as usual so let me know if you can’t follow something and would like an explanation.

  1. Gaz
    February 12, 2009 at 8:29 am

    Legend! I feel special that you addressed my query with a video..haha! Thanks very much for that… i’ll be using that phrase from now on! lol.
    As for the quality…umm yeh it’s o.k…. if it’s a lot of trouble uploading the top quality vids then I see what you mean. But it’s harder to hear with the traffic and lower quality.
    But whatever….. it’s cool that your doing these vids either way!

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