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In the Works

I’ve had to put the video project on hold temporarily as I’ve just been too busy to film.  I’m taking care of a few loose ends so I can finally graduate.  Any day now.

I am currently teaching Thai part-time (to farangs of course) at my university and it has been an interesting experience.  They were fresh off the boat and I only get them once a week so it has been challenging to design an alphabet boot camp for them.   This has led me to create a number of resources that are useful for beginners or anyone trying to learn the sound system and/or wants to be able to read properly.  I have an idea for an experiment and could use a few subjects.    People who can’t read well or at all are preferred.  If you can kinda read, but aren’t solid on the sounds, it will probably still be useful for you.  It would require a bit of time and effort on your part, but not too much.  I’m not sure how many people I can take on, but probably 2 or 3 should be fine.  Anybody interested?  Its nice to be literate.

While I am working on a couple other projects at the moment, being done with school will give me a window of time to work on a something over the next few months.  I think its almost time to move away from the blog format and into something different.  I’m open to suggestions/requests.  Let me know if there is something in particular that you’d like to see.

In the meantime, I have more transcripts in progress and there are probably another 50 videos to dig through some of which may be good enough to post so expect a bit more in the not to distant future.

If any of this stuff is of interest, contact me at  learnthaifromawhiteguy AT gmail dOt com

Also, I’m heading to Bangkok in a week or so and if anybody wants a lesson and/or to meet up, let me know soon.

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