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Abstaining Waste

The bottom wall of the garbage chute in my building พัง’d last week and so after letting the garbage pile up around the bottom of the chute for a few days somebody had the great ไอเดีย to tell people to stop dumping garbage down the thing until it was ซ่อม’d. It was pretty ขยะแขยง.

งดทิ้งขยะลงในช่องทิ้งชั่วคราว กำลังซ่อมชั้นล่าง

Their translation – Abstain waste into landfills in the temporary.
Ground floor is repaired.

Yesterday, I was eating at the restaurant across from my building and the ยาม dude was “cleaning up” all the garbage, but rather than dump it into the busted plastic dumpsters right next to him, he proceeded to throw ALL of the garbage over the wall into the empty plot of land next to my building.

  1. oldmankit
    January 17, 2011 at 3:13 pm

    What an awesome translation! Completely incomprehensible!

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