About this site

I began this site a while back primarily as a way for me to record the things that were coming up during lessons while I was teaching Thai privately.  It has evolved into something more than that, but ultimately the purpose is to streamline the process of learning Thai.  I am always in the process of applying these methods to other languages and modifying them as necessary.

I do take requests when possible.  If you need help with certain things or need to be pointed in the right direction, just ask.

While there is a little for everyone, I’m planning on doing a series of beginner posts as I have refined some of my ideas for getting past the alphabet and consonant classes.  I’m confident that I can take someone from zer0 to being able to crack open a book and start reading within about 5 hours.  They won’t understand anything yet, but they can avoid the huge pitfall which is transliteration.

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